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Does Plan My Baby Works?

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Plan My Baby Review

Chances are you’re planning to have a baby soon and that’s why you found this post. You’re looking for an objective review for ‘Plan My Baby’. The truth is ‘Plan My Baby’ is an extremely thorough manual that helps couples choose the gender of their baby before conception. So it’s only natural that anyone planning to have a baby soon would want to know how this guide can be of help and how they can use it to get exactly what they want.

The reason for creating this review is to give an insight of what "Plan My Baby" guide is about and to give you a few highlights of the content so that you know what to expect. Hopefully, you’ll not look for any other review after this because there’s simply nothing out there as thorough as this review.

Does Plan My Baby Works
What Is ‘Plan My Baby’?
"Plan My Baby" is a guide that deals with the concept of selecting the gender of a baby. It is the brainchild of Alicia Pennington based on her extensive research into the subject. Alicia Pennington goes deep into the concept of baby gender selection and even delves into topics that many would consider taboo. What makes Alicia’s work stand out is that her approach is very candid and she is so detailed in her explanations.

For instance, there’s a chapter she discusses ‘ovulation’. Of course, this guide is meant for couples, meaning male and female, and most men are clueless about ovulation. But after going through the chapter, you’ll have a completely different view about how it affects the gender of a baby. Alicia went to great length to explain this topic and there’s no doubt that you’ll understand everything she explains.

The fact is many parents wish they would be able to influence the gender of their babies yet they don’t know that there are a few things that really matter. Surprisingly, Alicia’s methods of gender selection are extremely simple. Indeed, technology has made it possible for couples to be able to select the gender of their baby using infertility treatments such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. However, the downsides of these methods are numerous. Firstly, they are very expensive and costs typically range in thousands of dollars. Secondly, they are invasive methods and the fertility drugs have serious side effects. Moreover, you have to meet the strict criterion that qualifies you for artificial fertilization.

This is simply too much to endure when you can use a painless, cheap, and straightforward method to choose your baby’s gender.

A Sneak-Peek of the Contents
There are only 57 pages in "Plan My Baby" guide and the vital information is contained in only about 40 pages. You don’t have to read 100 pages of boring information before you can even get to the point. Basically, with a few hours, you’ll be through reading the book and you’ll be ready to start applying the methods in real-life.

The first chapter is about preparations for getting a baby. Before you even think of gender, you should be ready to have a baby. In this chapter, you’re going to learn about the ovaries and their function in determining gender. You’ll also learn how to stay healthy for the ‘big event’.

The next chapter is about conceiving and gender. This is basically a pre-requisite to the real gender selection methods that come in subsequent chapters. The author goes into great detail about the dynamics of conception, fertility, and early pregnancy. There’s also the important discussion of timing intercourse. In fact, this is the basic requirement that you must get right.

The next chapter discusses the important topic of how gender is determined. This is basically elementary biology of X and Y chromosomes. You’ll learn the different sperm types and how each type determines gender. You’ll also learn how acidity of the vagina affects the type of sperm that fertilizes the egg. The actual methods of how to get a boy or girl are elaborated in this chapter. You will learn the best sexual position for a boy or a girl.

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The next chapter is about getting pregnant and it closely follows the advice from the previous chapter about the right time to have intercourse, among other things. This chapter goes deep into the pH conditions of the environment in which sperm travel, from the vaginal up to the egg. Understanding how pH affects the type of sperm cell that makes it to the egg is crucial. You will learn how to test the pH of your vagina and how you can adjust pH levels to favor a certain gender. There are many interesting ways of tweaking the pH levels of the vagina but due to obvious reasons, we cannot reveal the exact methods in this review.

The next chapter is again about conceiving but this one goes a little further into detail. This is more of an elaborate step-by-step guide that even includes the types of food to eat and on what days. It also includes sex positions explained in great detail.

The next chapter discusses diet that is ideal for conception. It is complete with a meal plan and the actual servings you should be having. A couple of important nutrients for conception – such as calcium and iron – are also discussed in detail. The theory behind the diet concept is that the food you eat just before conception has a direct effect on whether you’ll conceive a boy or a girl. So basically, you will learn how to adjust your body’s chemical balances so that it becomes biased toward a particular gender at conception.

And finally, the last chapter before the conclusion is about the old wives’ tales. This is basically how ancient people used to determine gender but they’re generally not something to be taken seriously.

As you can see, there’s a great deal of research that went into creating "Plan My Baby". Evidently, Alicia dedicated a fair amount of her time into this research and there’s absolutely no reason why these methods shouldn’t work. So if you’re planning to have a baby boy or girl soon, do not start trying for one before reading "Plan My Baby" guide.