How to Plan My Baby Gender? How to Do Baby Gender Selection the Right Way?


  • Prince or Princess? How to Choose Well In Advance?

Only those who know the agony of endlessly trying for a child of a certain gender and getting disappointed each time can tell you just how much of a mixed joy it can be. Sometimes, as a first time parent, you might just want to plan your family in such a way that you get a baby of a certain gender first and then the other one second. Or you may be looking to have just boys or just girls – who said there’s anything wrong with that?

With Alicia Pennington Prince or Princess ebook, you can do your baby gender selection the right way. Whenever people hear this kind of thing, feelers go up.

  1. Are we back to messing with nature again?
  2. So what kind of pills does a woman have to pop each day to actually get a baby of their chosen gender?

How to plan baby gender before pregnancy? Plan my baby gender guide doesn’t work like that at all. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t involve any pills. It’s all natural. It has no side effects. So how does it work? It’s about learning about conception and gender.

You see, most of what we know about conception is what has been told to us. But there is more to it, by understanding how conception happens and learning how to control which sperm fertilizes the egg through timing, you will be able to get the baby of your choice.

You get to understand ovulation and diet and how the vaginal pH affects male sperm in determining the gender of a baby. Did you know, for example, that you stand much higher chances of conceiving a boy as a woman if you have an orgasm? Well, they didn’t teach you everything in that biology class, did they?



Plan My Baby Review – Naturally Selecting the Baby Gender


Many couples have tried and followed different steps to get the baby of choice which will not work and also there will be lot of side effects. But the steps followed and mentioned in the Plan My Baby program by the author Alicia Pennington are 100% natural and scientifically proven ones.

She justifies each and every procedure with simple reasons which can be understood by the common man. This is not a promotion for the product. I am putting here all the experiences of the different customers who have used the product and have got the dream baby of their choice after following the procedures mentioned in the prince or princess book.

Many people who have used this guide have shared that they do not feel any thing extra after following the mentioned steps. This means that the body metabolism will not change after following the natural steps mentioned in the book. This means that there will not be any side affects on the pregnant woman.

This plan baby gender method is so effective that according to the survey 94% have got their dream baby of their choice and are very happy with their family. So without keeping quite of thing to have a baby of a specific gender follow the simple and natural steps mentioned in the prince or princess book by Alicia Pennington.

  1. Time of Ovulation – According to Alicia, the body should be nourished properly before having an intercourse. If you want a baby girl then the body should be acidic means the pH value should be acidic. Else if are planning to get a baby boy, then the pH value should be very low. If you have the intercourse at this time following the pH value distribution, then there is more chances to plan your baby’s gender. There is nothing to do to increase the body pH. It can be controlled in the diet and also author has also mentioned about the diet for this. These are the pure natural steps.
  2. Body Environment – After intercourse nourishing the specific sperms to have a particular baby is the ideal way. If you want a baby girl try to maintain the body pH in acidic and if you want a baby boy try to reduce the body pH. There are certain foods which will help in increasing or decreasing the pH value of the body. All the diet information is also given in the plan my baby book of Alicia Pennington. Follow the simple and homely steps from here.
  3. Sex Position – She has also mentioned that irrespective of the time and body conditions the way you approach for sex is also will help in getting the baby of your desired gender. She has mentioned in simple sketches how a particular position will help in fertilization of X chromosomes and Y chromosomes which plays a vital role in the gender of your baby.



Most of couples have used Prince or Princess guide and are very happy that it has given them satisfied result. If not there is nothing to worry, there are no side effects, and there are no extra expenses to follow the procedures mentioned. All the steps are purely natural and scientifically proved.

You will download a book that will teach you lots more of what you need to do to get that cute little prince or princess. Guarantees? Yes indeed: If you buy the book and are unhappy for any reason, return it and you have your money back in 72 hours. You don’t have to wait 4, 6 or 8 weeks. It’s any time you feel that you don’t think its working for you. I wish all other product guarantees came like that!


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