Does Prince or Princess eBook Work? Is Plan My Baby Program a Scam or Not?


Plan My Baby is a book written by Alicia Pennington which contains scientifically proved and 100% natural procedures to be followed by the couples to have the baby of their choice of gender. Being the mother of 3 children and 12 years of happy family life, she has tried the same 3 steps to the last 2 children and she is very happy that it yields the perfect result.

She will not guarantee 100% that you will get the baby of a specific gender. The steps followed will increase the probability of getting. But according to the survey of the couples who has used prince or princess guide to have baby of their choice, almost 94% of them have got their dream baby and they are very happy with plan my baby program and the steps followed in the eBook.

Visit edubirdie review to read the most dependable reviews by college students Prince or princess book does it work? Alicia Pennington has mentioned few natural steps to be followed and implemented in the daily life for the couples to increase the chances of getting the baby of a specific gender of their choice. These are natural and scientific steps and no need to worry about the side effects. Instead of sitting quietly of thinking about a dream child, it is better to follow the procedures mentioned in the prince or princess ebook.



Here are 3 Steps and Procedures Mentioned by Alicia Pennington in Prince or Princess Book


  • Intercourse Time or Ovulation Time – According to Alicia Pennington’s studies, she has mentioned that when the body pH is alkaline and if you have an intercourse at that time, then there are more chances to get the baby boy. If the body pH is acidic and if you try to intercourse at that time, then more chances is for baby girl. She has justified how it works in the plan my baby book. This is scientifically proved based on the body conditions and behaviors when the pH level is high and low.


  • Creating Ideal Environment for Sperm X and Sperm Y – Alice Pennington has mentioned that pH level of the body will drastically help in increasing the choice of your baby gender selection. So it is better to improve the body environment based on her comments for the respective sperms by having proper diet. Consuming certain food or not consuming them will increase or decrease the pH level in your body. So it is better to follow the steps mentioned by her which are natural and good enough to control by the diet itself. Try to increase the pH level and be acidic if you want to have a baby girls or else a baby boy.


  • Sexual Positions – Alice Pennington has mentioned in her Ebook that there are few sexual positions which when followed will increase the chances of getting the baby boy or baby girl. She has explained completely with sketch diagrams how a particular sex position will help in placing the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ chromosome in the best position for fertilization of egg for determining the sex of the baby.



To know more about the product and to follow the simple detailed steps mentioned and proved scientifically, purchase the product and have a baby of your choice… But before that read this plan my baby review here!



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