Prince or Princess Book Review – Is Plan My Baby Method by Alicia Pennington Good for You?


Hi there, welcome to every one who are new to Plan My Baby and are thinking about seeing the reviews of this book before purchasing it to choose the gender of your future baby. Note that this is not a promotional word about the prince or princess ebook written by the author Alicia Pennington.

Testimonials from Happy Parents





These are all the customer reviews obtained by browsing the internet. Many people have shared the self explanation about plan my baby program in the internet and have explained how the eBook helped them to choose the gender of the future baby of the family. So I have collected all of them and have put together for your help.

Plan My Baby is the book written by Alicia Pennington about how to choose the gender of the future baby. This book contains all the proven methods and scientific procedures to help the couples to get their future baby.

  • Many couples had the same doubt: prince or princess book does it work?
  • Whether the methods followed in the ebook has any side effects or not?
  • Are the methods mentioned in the book are scientifically proved etc …

After purchasing and getting the baby of their choice they have commented about this program very happily in the internet. They have also explained few steps followed in the book to get the baby of you choice.


Alicia Pennington has told a few simple steps and guides for the couples. She has told what changes will happen in the body when the body conceives and has told how the body nourishes the baby inside and what care should be taken by you explicitly for the good health of the baby.

All the steps mentioned are natural and safe for the human. There will not be any drastic changes in the body after following the procedures. The advantage of these procedures are:

  1. There are no drugs to intake.
  2. There is no any operations on the body parts.
  3. This quite easy to follow.

The steps followed are not a grandma’s tales; author has justified each and every step followed in the baby gender selection.


I have reviewed many of the details on this offer; I will confirm during the course if this is worth a try or if its a scam. I will give all the good and bad points to this course so if your of a nervous disposition or you don’t want to hear the facts then you should read no further.

Over the years, research has enabled me to develop a list of truths couples can follow when working to conceive either a baby girl or baby boy. I can say that this course is no scam and has been professionally designed and implemented by a fully qualified midwife who has years of practical experience behind her.


There are numerous testimonials showing very positive results. Before we get into those learning’s I wanted to share with you some common truths as it relates to gender planning:

  • The woman’s ovulation cycle does not affect the baby’s sex.
  • The nationality of either party does not affect your baby’s gender.
  • Your medications don’t affect your baby’s gender.
  • The age of either partner does not affect the baby’s gender.
  • The current gender of your children does not affect the gender of any future gender.

These are important truths to grasp as you begin to plan for the gender of your first or your next child. For information on what you can do to control the gender of your future children, read this Prince or Princess book review.

The course itself is extremely concise and has a 94% success rate. With so many myths surrounding this topic mixed in with the truths, it can be hard to comprehend what steps you should follow. Within prince or princess book, you will learn the 5 easy steps you need to do to influence your outcome.

If you are among the many couples this experienced midwife has worked with or provided valuable information to, you are likely seeking proven, safe methods for influencing the gender of your future child. With a 94% success rate, what do you have to lose?

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